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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
~ Neighborhood News ~

Login Required for Some Pages

Some pages are restricted to resident access only.  If you are a resident, please register (use link at the upper left of this page) or click on the "Login" icon above and then click on "Register" to get a password. If you don't notice a response in your in box withiin 24 hours check your spam folder. We need your name, street address, and an e-mail address. The rest of the information is optional. 
Update Your Profile & E-mail Address
Please be sure to update your Turner Downs website "Profile" information if you change your email address so you can continue to receive important emails about the neighborhood.

Nextdoor Turner Downs - Online "Social" Network
In addition to the HOA-maintained web site that you are currently on, there is a second non-affiliated social web site -- Nextdoor Turner Downs -- that many neighbors have joined and find useful. The site is restricted to residents of Turner Downs.
On the "Nextdoor" site neighbors can share community events, recommendations, items for sale/free, crime/safety concerns, and much more. Use Invitation Code:  HYXHVE  Click Here to go to the sign up page for Nextdoor Turner Downs.
Report Street Light Issues
If you notice a problem with a street light near your house please report it directly to Progress Energy. Each street light has a unique number affixed to its pole. Click here to go directly to the Street Light Report Form. 
Speed Limit -- 25 mph!
There are new "reminder" traffic signs in the neighborhood. When driving in Turner Downs please drive carefully. The posted speed limit is 25 mph.  This will help ensure the safety of the children, walkers, bicylists, joggers, and pets.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Brown Water -- Aqua Letter

We discussed the occasional "brown water" in Turner Downs' water lines with the Quality Dept. at Aqua. To read the letter of explanation from Aqua -- Click Here.

        NC State Law Requires

                              Licensed Drivers Only

Golf Carts

Only licensed vehicles driven by licensed drivers are legal for use on our roads.  Other vehicles are prohibited and may be ticketed by the Sheriff. Golf carts must have lights and be registered in the county to be driven and then only by licensed drivers. Please help keep our neighborhood safe by following the speed limits and laws. If you see laws being broken and are so inclined, do not hesitate to call the Sheriff's office (919.856.6900). 

     Dog and Cat Owners
     Leash Requirements &
     Clean up

We ask that dog owners clean up after their pets as they walk the neighborhood. 

If you're walking your pet, it must be on a leash.  It does not matter how tame or small the pet is; they must be restrained if they are not in your home or in a fenced yard. Please note, this leash requirement applies to both dogs and cats. You can report strays or other issues with animals to Wake County Animal Control

Barking Dogs

When your dog barks continually please attend to it. This is especially true in the evenings when people are eating, relaxing, and sleeping, and in the early hours when some people may still be sleeping. Everyone appreciates your cooperation.

If a dog barks continually or if it violates the requirements in Article XIII of the Covenants, one can contact Wake County Animal Control (or call 919-212-7387) for assistance.

Obnoxious Noises & Annoyances

Article XI of the Protective Covenants for Turner Downs states that “No noxious or offensive activities shall be conducted or permitted upon any lot… or which may become a nuisance or an annoyance to the neighborhood.” Article XIII covers annoying sounds made by animals – e.g., barking dogs, etc.

Please be aware and considerate of your neighbors if you own loud equipment such as ATVs, gas-powered golf carts, motorcycles, powered scooters, etc. -- This is even more important "after hours."   

Open Fires - Outside burning of garbage or debris and camp fires are not allowed 

This violation falls under Article X, of the HOA Covenant --

"No garbage or debris shall be burned on any lot, nor may any lot be used as a dumping area."

After discussions with the Wake County Fire Marshall and due in part to the heavily wooded areas and accumulations of pine needles in Turner Downs, camp fires are not allowed on any lot.

Outdoor gas and charcoal grills are permitted. Also allowed are commercially available or custom built outdoor fireplaces and cooking areas. The Fire Marshall recommended using processed wood logs to minimize blowing sparks.

Parking on Streets

While we enjoy decent streets in our neighborhood, they are not quite wide enough to comfortably allow for parked cars. We encourage all residents to park their vehicles in their driveways or garages to keep the streets clear for traffic and pedestrians. Visitors and commercial vehicles will at times park on the roads. Please be careful when passing parked vehicles to avoid accidents.

No Solicitors Allowed

“No Solicitation” signs are posted at each of the entrances to Turner Downs. However, there is nothing to prevent people from entering our neighborhood and knocking on doors. If you are bothered by solicitors, inform them that solicitation is not permitted and ask them to please leave the neighborhood. A follow up call to the business might prevent future similar incidents.

Refurbishing/Repairing Your Mailbox
If interested, call the Post Man (919.427.0627) - NOTE THIS IS A NEW NUMBER! Please ask for Craig. 
If you prefer to do that type work yourself, a source for parts for that model mailbox is listed on the "Services and Assistance" page.

HOA Accountant
The Board retains an accountant to administer the HOA’s invoicing, bill payments, and monthly accounting activities and records. If you have questions about your homeowner’s annual dues please contact the accountant by clicking the “Contact Us” link in the left column of this web page and then selecting “Accountant.”
Turner Downs HOA Board News

The Turner Downs HOA Board typically meets each month on the third Wednesday at 7 pm. Please use the "Contact Us" link to find the location of the next meeting. Every homeowner is invited to attend these meetings. If there is a need for an executive session, visitors will be asked to leave for only that time period.  


~ Upcoming Events ~
No Events at this time.

~ Bulletin Board ~
TEMPORARY ADJUSTMENT OF POOL RULES due to COVID-19 and Executive Order 141
In support of/accordance with Gov. Cooper's Executive Order 141 and Wake County Guidelines, and on the advisement of the Pool Management company, we have enacted modifications (which we hope are temporary) to the pool rules for the 2020 Summer Season.  Briefly, they are:
Reduced capacity - please see signage posted at the pool.  Please also be aware of how many people are in the pool, and if you have been there a while, consider making space for your neighbors who would like to enjoy it as well.  For now, we will not be enacting a sign-up process; we will rely on the honor system and the good will and respect of our community members.
No Guests on Weekends - we have enacted this restriction to prioritize use of the pool by members and their immediate families.
No one under 18 without an adult - because of the reduced capacity requirement, and no guest restriction on weekends (peak use time), we are temporarily requiring that kids under 18 be accompanied by an adult.
Completed Projects

Security Cameras installed at Pool House
In response to several incidents of vandalism at the pool (chairs, tables, umbrellas and umbrella bases had been chucked into the pool) the Board has installed several security cameras in and around the pool facilities.  Please be advised that the Board will immediately contact the Wake County Sheriff's dispatch should anyone be caught jumping the fences or attempting to enter the pool area after hours or during the off-season.  Board members will not personally intervene; rather we will request local law enforcement handle any and all trespassing and vandalism issues.
HOA DUES Due Date CHANGE for 2020
Please refer to the Board News section for details.  HOA dues will be due no later than the 28th of FEBRUARY effective Calendar Year 2020.
The "Little Free Library"
There is a "Little Free Library" at 5812 Turner Store Lane. This little library is stocked with books for children as well as fiction reads for adults. Stop by - take a book - return a book. You do NOT have to return the same book you take. In fact, the offerings in the Little Free Library will change more often if you return something different. Feel free to park in the driveway.  Questions? E-mail Beth (bb528@hotmail.com), or call (717-381-1002).
Traffic “Reminder” Signs

Residents routinely report concerns about drivers exceeding the posted speed limit for our streets – it’s  25 mph.  To help remind drivers 14 ea. new  “Slow Down” and “Caution” signs were erected along the sides of the streets.

Please check your speed and be aware of children, walkers, bicyclists, joggers, and others who may be on the roads.  Repeat offenders of the posted speed limit, including business vehicles, school buses, etc., should be reported to the Sheriff’s office.
Pool Information
The pool is open from the second Saturday in May until the last Sunday in September from dawn to dusk. If you have an issue with the pool or your pool access card please use the Contact Us section and select the Pool Issues contact when sending your request.

Refreshments at Pool
If you take refreshments to the pool, remember that for safety reasons glass containers are ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Bike Rack at Pool
We had requests from residents who bike to the pool to provide a bike rack. A bike rack was installed which should eliminate the problem of where to park or leave your bike.   

~ Architectural Requests ~
Architectural Request Approvals

You may have a home improvement project planned like the addition of a shed, fence, barrier screen, or a garage. Before you start planning, be sure to read the “Protective Covenants” and submit an “Architectural Request Form” to the HOA Board at least 30 days prior to the start of your workAdditionally, some work may require a building permit and/or the approval of Wake County, e.g., impervious surface calculations.  Be aware of and comply with property easement building restrictions that are documented in the Covenants.

The “Protective Covenants,” “Architectural Request Form,” and the “Architectural Guidelines for Fencing/Screening” are available on this web site by clicking on the “Documents” link.
Feel free to contact the HOA Board if you have questions.  Use the “Contact Us” link on this site.
You can submit the completed “Architectural Request Form” (and any required attachments) by e-mailing it to the Vice President, or you can mail hard copies to the Turner Downs 2105 Pagan Rd address.

~ Neighborhood News-con'd ~
2019 Board Members
President - Tom Hobbs
Vice President - Travis Park
Treasurer - Tricia Patten
Secretary - Aprille Loflin



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